“I saw a sample of your Project Based Inquiry Science program and it was love at first sight. I was immediately impressed with the engaging readings and with the structure of the iterative activities in the learning sets that emulate what scientists do. 

In the three years that I have been implementing the curriculum, I have been increasingly amazed and gratified with the results. Each year as I become better at guiding and encouraging student collaboration through these units I am rewarded with more and more examples of how creative and skillful 7th graders can be when their natural affinities for critical thinking and problem solving are properly nurtured. 

It is important to mention here that I work at a school where almost 100% of the students qualify for free lunch, an extremely low income area with many long term English language learners. I believe that this curriculum is giving them the tools that they will use to thrive. 

I particularly look forward to the point when we reach the end of a unit and the students are tasked with developing solutions to the Big Question using everything they have learned. When we finish the final presentation and reflect on how far we have come over the course of the unit, everybody in the room, the students and I, all of us having become a community of learners, are for a moment speechless.”