einstein™ Science Learning Platform
A Whole New Way to Teach Science!

einstein™ Science Learning Platform is more than just incredible hardware; it is a completely new way to teach hands on science! The revolutionary experience provided by einstein™ Science Learning Platform makes for more engaged students with improved math, science, and problem solving skills, all the while making life much easier for you, the teacher.

Award Winning Hardware Solutions
einstein™ Tablet+
The tablet the STEM community has been waiting for...

Running Android™ 4.1, this versatile tablet has everything you could ask for in an educational learning device. With the power of a built-in data logger, the value of 8 built-in sensors, a front and rear facing camera, a micro SD port, USB, HDMI, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity, einstein™ Tablet+ is ready for anything.

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einstein™ LabMate+™
Already have a device? You’re still invited to the party.

With the power of a built-in data logger, the value of 6 built-in sensors, USB & Bluetooth connectivity, and compatibility with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android™, einstein™ LabMate+™ is the ideal addition to your science lab.

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einstein™ Sensors
Now that you've got the belt, let's fill it with tools.

No matter the activity, we've got the sensor for you! From pH and turbidity for water quality tests to motion sensors and photogates for kinematics, from blood pressure and heart rate sensors for physical education to light and UV for optics, you'll find what you're looking for from our line of 50+ sensors.

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Hands on Learning Brought into the 21st Century
Innovative Data Analysis Software
We strive to make our data analysis software as powerful and user-friendly as possible

Data analysis is no longer strictly a university endeavor. MiLAB™ and MultiLab4™ have packed all the bells and whistles standard in the industry into staggeringly simple to use software, and are constantly being improved with new features such as video motion analysis. But the greatest innovation in the industry comes with the price: all software on einstein™ Science Learning Platform including MiLAB™, MultiLab4™, einstein™ World, einstein™ Activity Maker, and einstein™ Activity Store is free.

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