Prepare, Share, and Compare

Your teaching experience doesn’t have to be in isolation. Our Learning Communities offers many valuable and flexible resources you can use to support your implementation and enhance your classroom experience.

Experience Teacher-to-Teacher Connections 24/7
Active Physics® and Active Chemistry®
Bond with Active Chemistry and Active Physics Teachers

Our Active Physics® and Active Chemistry® Learning Community Site is a just-in-time resource that connects you with other teachers around the world. You can use the site to help you PREPARE your daily lessons, SHARE your successes and challenges, and COMPARE your student data with other teachers. In addition, you can instantly access support videos, sample lesson plans, and quizzes.

Engineering the Future
Build Connections in Engineering the Future

Our online Learning Community Site can connect you with other teachers around the country to SHARE information and ACCESS valuable resources. In the active learning environment you'll instantly have access to set up videos, classroom connections, pose questions, highlights student work, and interact with other colleagues.

Interactive Mathematics Program
Support Resources at Your Fingertips!

Your teaching experience with Interactive Mathematics Program® doesn’t have to be in isolation. Be part of this Active Learning system.  With our online Learning Community Site you can connect you with other teachers around the country to SHARE information and ACCESS valuable resources. To join the Learning Community, please contact Ben Rasa at

Investigating Astronomy
Take Astronomy Outside the Classroom

Astronomy can be shared with family members and include engaging activities that can be both fun and related to the Investigating Astronomy curriculum. The Investigating Astronomy website puts all the components of the course in one place. Students can work from home and access images, other internet sites, the IA Data Center activities, and other resources necessary for each unit. Links to each of the Doing Science and Extending Your Work activities in each unit are also accessed from this site.

Enhance Your Experience with Earth Science

The EarthComm website has valuable resources for teachers, students, and parents. Examples include: learning outcomes for each chapter sections; information on the goals and learning approaches; and integrated pages in the student text linking to one or more 'Learning Through Technology' activities. The website for each sections is also divided into one or more of the following segments: Learning Through Technology, Inquiring Further, Resources, and Animations and Video.

Meaningful Math
Cyberlearning Tool Suite

The Meaningful Math CyberPD site gives you all the tools you need to prepare, teach, and reflect, as well as a Professional Learning Community where you can connect and share with other teachers. To learn more about the Meaningful Math CyberPD site, please contact David Birchler at