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Students are motivated to learn in the context of highly engaging and authentic “real-world” projects that guide instruction, serve to organize meaningful learning, and promote the excitement and joy of learning.


Students actively engage in science and engineering practices and mathematical reasoning to deepen their understanding of core ideas. Students work together to define problems, conduct investigations, make models, use computational thinking, write explanations, and discuss and present findings.


Our 21st century technology is designed to support a seamless implementation of our curricula. It includes all hands-on equipment needed for the classroom and top-of-the-line electronic books, probes, and mobile devices.


We are committed to providing comprehensive support services for districts implementing our programs. From face-to-face workshops to our ever-expanding Cyber professional-development resources, we can tailor-fit a complete solution to your needs.


In Project-Based Inquiry Science, students take part in science learning experiences framed around answering Big Questions or addressing Big Challenges that guide instruction and serve to organize their learning progressions. As students pursue answers, they conduct investigations, make models, collect and analyze data, weigh evidence, write explanations, and discuss and present findings.

Project-Based Inquiry Science™ empowers students with STEM.

Students practice science in the classroom the way that scientists and engineers do. They work in collaborative groups to iteratively solve problems and explore challenges. Science and engineering practices are not just found in isolated inquiry activities, but 
permeate the entire curriculum.

Project-Based Inquiry Science™ Testimonial.

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Project-Based Inquiry Science™ is based on research.

Project-Based Inquiry Science is based on the latest research from the cognitive and learning sciences on how students learn. It was supported through National Science Foundation funding and consequently produced through rigorous, iterative, research-based development cycles.

Project-Based Inquiry Science™ aligns with standards

Project-Based Inquiry Science reflects the full scope of science content standards for middle school—those identified as the Disciplinary Core Ideas in A Framework for K-12 Science Education and those of individual states and districts.

Video Introduction to Project-Based Inquiry Science CyberPD. Total Support for Teaching Project Based Inquiry Science Successfully: Preparation, Just-in-Time Support, Reflection, and a Professional Learning Community.

Introduction to PBIS Cyber PD

PBIS is Authentic STEM! Janet kolodner video