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Active Physics® relies on the proven National Science Foundation developmental process as well as the most up-to-date research in pedagogy and learning theory. The curriculum is written, tested in the classroom, evaluated by a nationally recognized independent evaluation team, rewritten and retested. Expert review panels also guide the process at each stage.

Project-Based Learning

When students are motivated, they learn and remember more. Each chapter of Active Physics® begins with an engaging and meaningful scenario that challenges students, sets the stage for the learning and chapter assessments to follow, and allows students creativity in the execution of the challenge. Chapter content and investigations are selectively aimed at providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to the challenge. This scenario-challenge framework provides students with a new focus and topic in successive chapters, and covers a wide variety of student interests as well as physics content.

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Active Learning

All the six to ten sections in each chapter of Activity Physics® routinely involve active, collaborative learning at some level. In some sections, students must design an experiment to explore a concept. At other times, they will collect and interpret data to formulate a new concept or develop and use models, just like real scientists and engineers. Students are also regularly asked to answer questions about what they think and what they do, as well as to support their statements with concrete data. “Activity Before Concept” provides a strong foundation for active learning as the students always have a common lab experience upon which to base their understanding of the concept. 

Technology Enhanced Learning

Kit components are identified, designed, and tested over time to meet the needs of the investigations specific to the Active Physics program. In some cases, kit equipment is specifically manufactured for a lab activity. For example, the IAT Simple Circuit is an item that was uniquely configured by It’s About Time® for the Active Physics® Electricity for Everyone chapter. The IAT Technology Lab Extensions provide detailed data logger and probeware setup as well as step-by-step procedural instructions for nineteen activities in Active Physics®. These activities can be used in conjunction with our einstein™ Tablet+ or Fourier data loggers and sensors.

Total Support

It’s About Time® is committed to providing comprehensive, ongoing professional-development support services for districts or schools implementing Active Physics®. Our highly experienced implementation specialists will lead workshops to get you started with teaching Active Physics®, follow-up sessions that provide additional content and pedagogical support, as well as online and onsite mentoring. Also, our “Just-in-Time 24/7” CyberPD is always available offering Chapter-by-Chapter Videos of hands-on activities, Essential Physics explained for both students and teachers by the author, Arthur Eisenkraft, and an Active Physics® Online User’s Community, where you can prepare your daily lessons, and then share and compare your successes and challenges.

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